Welcome to my website!

Hi there! I am Jacob Persson, 19 years old and an Alpine Ski Racer. I am a ski student at NIU Wintersport Alpine Section, Wargentin Gymnasium of Östersund, Sweden. I combine my Alpine skiing with studies at the Science Programme at Wargentin, Östersund. Skiing + studies = it's a great life! My days are on a tight schedule including studies, physics, training camps and races – I have a great time and I enjoy it all!

The Great Combination

When I was accepted as a student to this programme, at the age of 16, I moved from Lidingö, Stockholm to Östersund. I feel fortunate to combine my favourite sport with my studies.

A Large Network

The travelling and competing in Sweden and in Europe, has given me so many friends and a large network, although we are hard competitors when racing!

I Visit New Places

For training camps and races we travel a lot, and I get to see new places every year. This is something I appreciate very much!

At races, I represent Lidingö Ski Club. Many thanks to this club who has supported me since I first began racing at the age of 6.
Nowadays, I have the previlege to join ”my“ Ski Club as coach at training camps for younger children.




“Jacob is a young talented skier with a good sense of humor. Also a close and respected friend to many. Sometimes he seemes a bit fatherly to the younger skiers, but always with a glimpse in his eyes. Discipline is A-Z in his mind and a way of living which you easily can see in his good grades, well shaped body and intense skiing technique. Further more, he's a good boy!”



“Jacob Persson is an ambitious skiier now going from strength to strength. Highly committed to his studies and with a strong wish to position himself among the top alpine ski racers in Sweden, Jacob works with clear objectives and sub-targets. The long-term work and Jacob's drive during the years with us at Wintersport High School in Östersund, will result in improved ranking year by year. I wish Jacob best of luck in the future!”



“Jacob is a very social and not-so-shy young man. Everybody at the FIS-tour knows who he is. He is very good at analysing himself; always to prove the strongest version of himself. He is a very good friend and he shows me new things about his other interests, such as outdoor life and stock investments.”



“In our club we have been striving for many years to give our athletes the possibility to grow in several aspects as an individual, not only as a racer. We are therefore very happy when our club's older athletes take initiative to participate as coaches on some of our race camps. Jacob have shown very good skills when he has participated as coach on these camps the last two years. He is great at spreading knowledge and energy among the youngsters.”

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